Buy Buy Buy – Sale Sale Sale

A plane background with the text 'Sale, Sale, Sale

It is hard to miss the headlines from the last couple of days. The stock market is down and it is all across the news with terror inspiring headlines.

North American stocks close with big gains in volatile trading

£50bn wiped off FTSE 100

Yes, the Stock Market Just Went Into Free Fall—It’s Not the Metric You Should Worry About.

These headlines and all the talk that goes with them can inspire worry and second-guessing but it shouldn’t. When you see the headlines market drop think – sale!
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Stricter Mortgage Rules – In the News

On Tuesday OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) released the final draft of the new mortgage qualifications. The new rule says you must prove you can withstand a 2% increase in your mortgage payments. As a mortgage holder if your interest rate is 3% you must prove you can afford your home at an interest rate of up to 5%.
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